Why anonymous testimonials ?

To give material reading for both health pros and HF sufferers without digging 10 different forums. Publications are anonymous.


Why stories ?

To get a bigger picture about how HF started for each person.


Why a survey ?

Filling the survey gives a lot of data about symptoms, psychological profiles, medication, drugs, therapies feedback.


Why feedback on therapies ?

There is a huge medical vacuum around HF/CPPS. Feedback is the best way to know what’s working or not working.

What's HFI? about?

Hard Flaccid Info is a dedicated website on Hard Flaccid Syndrome. We collect and publish anonymous testimonials to analyse the different psychological profiles, symptoms, therapies tried by people suffering from it. We centralize information on a single non commercial site to give reading material for both health professionals and HF sufferers. We also contact urologists, therapists and other medical professionals to make this syndrome better known by the medical profession.

Is HFI independent?

Yes it is. The project is self-financed. Having a commercial link would be a hindrance to obtain data and sincere feedback. What people write in testimonials is published without modifications of any kind. Good and bad feedback is welcome on all existing treatments and therapies.

Where do most of our data come from?

Most of our data come from groups/forums  who kindly accepted to give visibility to this project : CPPS/HF support group on Discord,  Resistance Stretchers FB Group, PEGym (Thank to the staff).

We did not recieve support from DCT but we recieved data from some of their members.

Why a dedicated website about hard flaccid ?

Because we have seen very little data about this syndrome in medical publications and for most of the health professionals that syndrome simply does not exist, it is not a recognized syndrome and even less a medical condition, it is a generic web term linked to CPPS, it’s a pile of paramedical science and “web” science spread all over the internet because there is little to no scientific based information about it.

To inform and collect data we needed to create an independent website. People who have  an abnormal chronic hard flaccid penis enter go in fight flight mode and rapidly consult doctors who are overloaded with patients. Moreover doctors don’t have time to read 10 different forums and Facebook groups to get more information about it.

Most of the time urologists don’t know what the patient is talking about. This situation is  a total waste of time and money for everybody. Plus it is very depressing and time consuming  for the patient to wait weeks or even months to get a fifteen minutes lasting appointment and finally getting no help at all. Urologists know Peyronie’s disease, penile injuries, pudendal neuralgia, sometimes pelvic pain, STDs, inflammations, skin disorders but if the patient does not fit in these categories, he’s on his own with it. And that’s the case when someone has hard flaccid syndrome. Most men are told that it’s in the head then the file is closed.

This site does exist also because HFI wants to focus on hard flaccid only. There is a lot of data on CPPS available all over the internet (HIP, DCT, pelvic pain websites and (e)books). The only book available on this subject is called HF Unraveled. That said, it does not mean that we state that HF is not a CPPS sub-condition, it simply means that HFI wants to focus the attention on HF. Moreover many men who have CPPS don’t have HF.

Are the testimonials anonymous?

Yes of course, however we ask people to sign up to publish data for the following reasons :

  • To follow up. A chronic condition requires it.
  • As a spam protection and to avoid “fake/self promotional” testimonials.
Are the testimonials about ppl who have cured hard flaccid?

No, the purpose of this site is to get as much as possible data. But if you found a way to fix it, you’re welcome to explain how you did it on the story page or in the therapies feedback survey. 

Can a testimonial be rejected?

Yes, if the subscriber skips a single one step or gives not enough data or no story at all.  This project has a purpose, providing data. A good testimonial contains as much as possible data and a detailed story.

What if I change my mind and want my testimonial to be removed?

If you decide that you no longer want to be published on this site, click on the “Remove My Data” button in the account page and all the data will be deleted within a few hours (an admin has to activate the process).

How long does it takes to get a feedback from HFI team?

A few hours :  

– To process and publish your testimonial.

– Give a feedback to an email.

– Remove your data from this website.


No content on this site, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. Before believing that you suffer from hard flaccid syndrome, consult your doctor, do all the necessary tests to rule out any pathology. It is advisable to first proceed by elimination with the guidance of a health professional, who knows better than anyone else the tests that have to be done in regards to your symptoms.