The author (Emil) of this program claims that the root cause of hard flaccid is an inflammation of the prostate by a candida. His program consists essentially to follow an anti-candida diet in order to starve the bacteria which is causing the inflammation and restricting the blood flow in the pelvic floor and penis. Emil says that it took him 8 years of experimentation to find out.

By following this low carbs diet and taking candida killer drugs he got rid off HF rapidly. According to his words, no one found the link between this syndrome and the candida because it’s really hard to detect it within the prostate. It’s common for fungi to not culture and most doctors are not using the good techniques in order to detect it so they find anything even though the candida is present.

  The program provides :

– A year coaching (skype chat sessions)
– A 55 pages ebook that starts with his story, the right mindset to get out of HF. It contains a low carb diet and how to do it, a few links to other websites to get keto and low carb recipes. The book gives advice about how to convince your doctor to prescribe you a candida killer drug (Diflucan/ Flucanozole) and how to take it. There is a chapter about trigger points therapy and a few chapters about static stretching exercises. 

Price : $989

Update May 26 2021 :  The coaching has the following guarantee : if you’re not cured or well on your way after 3 months, you will be able to stop the program and payments. Email also has the Facebook program today which is 35 dollars monthly with the same guarantee.

Quote “I know that the price for the program is more than the average book or program. I’m however, not here to give you some information or “slightly improve your condition like the other options available. I’m here to erase HF from your life completely, and as far as I know, I’m the only one in the world that can help you with that right now. No one has ever before made the diet connection to the problem. “

HFI Opinion

We can’t say whether his treatment works or not and whether or not hard flaccid might or might not be related to “candida” in the prostate.

If you have any additional information about this protocol, feel free to contact us and if you are/were a client, please publish your testimonial.