Interview : Emil from

Interview : Emil from

Interviewer : Carlos G.

Published on May, 26 2021.

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Carl : Thank you Emil for accepting this interview.

Emil : Thank you for inviting me to do this interview.

Carl : The reason why I contacted you is because your site [] has been around for years and your approach to treat HF is very different from what you can usually find on this subject. You’re basically the only one who says that hard flaccid is due to a candida infection.

I would like to explain what brought me to you. An experiment I did years ago when I was on Obitoo’s forum (2011-12) confused me a bit. One day, I took an Alpha Blocker (alpha 1) and > 90% of my symptoms were gone for 3 days. I suggested to a young man on the CPPS & HF Rehab Support Group, to try an alpha blocker, when he first took it, he didn’t see any improvement in his symptoms, however, a week later, he was super happy to have his sexual functions back to “normal” with this medication. Back in 2011, many of these guys on Obitoo’s forum, were on that drug.

I’ve read that it blocks the alpha 1 receptors on smooth muscles all around the bladder, prostate and the internal urethra sphincter which led me first to believe that this drug worked because HF is due to an overactive nervous system(Norepinephrine). But knowing that this type of medication is given to patients with prostatitis, I thought that this could be because of an inflammation that drives tension in the pelvic floor and therefore overreacts to stress hormone. .

I recently came across a [study] about a patient with prostatitis for 20 years. The usual protocol is giving both an alpha blocker type 1 along with an antibiotic. But in this study, fluconazole 400 mg/day was administered for a total of 8 weeks and then was discontinued. This treatment fixed his prostatitis. The patient was followed-up for 6 months and no recurrence was observed. So it seems that the patient had a fungal infection for 2 decades that led his pelvic floor to get inflamed. So I thought that It could be the reason why antibiotics did not produce any effects on that patient and maybe why 95% of prostatitis are non bacterial.

Another [paper] state that antifungal regimen should be considered for the majority of young adult men, presenting with chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome and incomplete response to antibiotics. Reading this study pushed me to question myself about type 1 alpha blockers and inflammation. Maybe Alpha Blockers A1 gives a temporary relief (ex: penile stiffness and weak urinary stream) because the muscles targeted by this drug are probably inflamed.

This is the reason why I came to you. Even if resistance streching gave me very good results, it seems for me like for many other guys that something is missing in that equation HF = muscle tension. I would like to connect the dots with your help because it seems that you have coached more than 80 people, using anti fungal meds and diet in an aim to get rid of hard flaccid syndrome.

Q1. Most of the time, ppl see HF as a pure mind-body condition. It is the case in both Obitoo’s book - HF Unraveled and A Headache in the pelvis. In these books, HF is described as a cramp (protective guarding) in the pelvic floor due to chronic stress and anxiety. Most of the time, urologists even say that this syndrome is in the head only, what’s your take about it ?

It’s true that a cramp is present in the pelvis but it’s not there because of physical or mental reasons even though it would seem logical if it was. The first 7 years I purely treated this as a physical problem and read tons of books on it and psychology in order to manage the physical terror this is causing. The first 2 years I was a mess mentally, but after that I got myself together and actually was in a quite good mindstate because of good habits and personal development. And even though my symptoms got a lot better from calming my mind down and doing tons of physical therapy – I never got cured. But I never stopped looking for answers and was determined that there had to be a reason.

I worked with both physical therapists, urologists and doctors, who are really far behind in this subject. Not only in terms of treating HF sufferers, but in CPPS/Prostatitis/ Pelvic pain problems in general. If you have a chronic issue, it therefore is crucial to educate yourself. After around 7 years or so – I found research on how CPPS patients cured themselves by a candida treatment. And found CPPS/prostatits could be triggered by candida or bacteria.

I then made tons of research within this area and cured myself in a rather short time. I after that created the website After I cured my first client without any physical therapy I knew I had found the cure. And from that day I’ve treated lots of clients succesfully.

Q2. In your opinion, how does stress make it worse ? Many guys say that they flare up when they have stress.

I just know that when the mind is exposed to fear or stress, the pelvic region tenses.

I link to [this video] in one of my blogposts, He’s hit in the head with a paintball gun yet he tensed himself so much in the pelvic region that his testicles disappeared up into his stomach.

Whenever I did my research and read all the hopelessness of other sufferers or just watched a horror movie my symptoms was at its worst. I had to do the research as I had no one to turn to, but it was hard every time as my symptoms got worse. However, today I believe it’s possible to treat this without being mentally stable. Get rid of the inflammation and your problems will disappear. No matter how stressed you are. Your mind will also ease when you start getting results which is the best antidote to stress.

Q3. Do you think that this syndrome is exclusively due to a fungal infection ?

No – it can be bacterial too. Caused by an STD/pure bacteria. But in general I think Candida is more usual.

In Sweden where I come from I’ve read about and talked with multiple people who had HF after getting bacterial prostatitis. There’s some hits if you google it on english too. When bacterial the symptoms are generally more intense and pain is usually more involved.

Q4. I am one of those people who got hard flaccid without having practiced jelq once, I had no porn addiction and I did not masturbate that much. In my case, this syndrome appeared after a long period of intense stress and drug use in my late teens. If candida is at the origin of the hard flaccid syndrome, how to explain that this inflammation first appeared ? Can stress, drugs and poor dietary hygiene lead to immune disorders that in turn lead to a candida infection?

This is a good question and one that I still think of a lot.

It’s strange to me how the cause can be candida when it’s generally triggered by pelvic stress. I had a candida infection on my genitals when I was really young, but I got this multiple years after. I’ve also been healthy my whole and lived my life as an elite athlete.

I’ve also cured clients who’s never had any other type of candida inflammation before, However – what we do know is that Candida is known to block blood flow. The candida has to be present in some way and the pelvic stress triggers something.

Hopefully we’ll get more answers on this in the future.

Q5. How many of your clients have been satisfied by following your protocol? In other words, how many of them had an candida infection ?

Mostly candida but I’ve had a few with bacterial infections too. I’ve spent lots of time researching the bacterial route as well and has actually helped a couple guys with chronic prostatis who didn’t have HF. It’s also a problem many men has to deal with which is chronic and doctors are bad at treating it, giving out too low dosages of antibiotics which creates bacterial resistance which in turn makes the problem chronic.

Q6. Is there a way to check if we have a candida infection medically wise ?

This is hard – as candida is a natural substance within our body. It has never showed up in urine sampels/prostate extracts in neither of my clients. The same is with the people from this study that was treated for chronic CPPS/Prostatitis, yet 80% responded succesfully to the treatment. [Check this ncbi link].

If it would’ve shown up – this problem would make sense, every doctor would know how to treat it and it wouldn’t be such a huge problem to those who have it today.

Q7. To be honest with you, I contacted one of your customers in July 2020, when I was still active on the DCT group and 2 other customers have contacted me saying that it didn't work for them. How do you explain these bad customer returns?

It’s hard to recall as I don’t know which clients these are. But one of my clients sent me a screen shot of one of the clients in that group and his post about doing my program. This client said he started my program, got better in the beginning but then actually got worse than before so he quit.

That person failed because of lack of knowledge. If he would have read the PDF closely he would’ve read about “candida die off” or “herx reaction” which is the phase many go through when the candida is “screaming” when it dies. Symptoms becomes worse before getting better so he should’ve stuck through. This client also never reached out for me for the coaching even though I I wrote to him when he started.

HFI Note : {
When Emil says that the candida is “screaming” when it dies, it means that by following a protocol that change your internal flora, the body reacts both on the immune and nervous systems and therefore symptoms become candida is an essential element of the human body and harmless when it is in the right ratio, it is therefore possible that the treatment in the first instance will aggravate this imbalance. Hence the importance of helping the body to rebalance itself by stricly following the protocol on a long enough period of time.

I will however never be able to have a 100% cured rate, as my way of treating this is quite hard. Weak minded people who can’t stick to a tough diet will not make it through.

I do have tons of testimonials, and some of them are in the facebook group with their identities revealed. I’ve helped people who’ve been sucididal who can’t thanked me enough, been invited to weddings, received thank you emails from mom and dads etc.

This works and with time my way of treating this will be used by doctors all over the world. I am the first to treat HF like this, but not CPPS.

It’s important to know – that the method I use has been used on patients with chronic CPPS with great results with studies to show for it. So I’m not the one who came up with the cure – I only brought it from CPPS to hardflaccid sufferers.

Q8. How long did it take for you to go back to a normal diet ?

I can’t recall exactly but a bit more than a year. If you google candida diets etc there’s lots of information around this. It takes that long if you don’t want your symptoms to ever get back, but it takes way less time to get rid of the symptoms. (Around 1-4 months generally).

Q9. In your experience, have any of your clients experienced side effects while taking Diflucan? And is it really necessary to take this medication at the dose indicated in your ebook or is the diet enough ?

None so far,

This is deep inward so my belief is that it’s generally needed. But some react good to diet changes alone. But it will take them longer to get the results.

Q10. All over the internet, many talk about physical routines as the only way to fix this syndrome : Trigger points, static stretching (HIP, HANS), resistance stretching (DCT), strengthening(Ben’s routine, Rob’s routine(IC muscles)). People are told to work on hamstring, glutes, adductors, hip flexors, psoas, abs, ic muscles What do you think about these routines to address CPPS/HF ?

I started out doing 7 years of physical therapy so I was one of those who thought it was the way out of this too. It’s quite funny to me today that it took me 7years to understand that it’s never going to cure me.

My theory is this – an inflammation caused by candida/bacteria is present in the pelvic (urethra and/or vas deferens/prostate) which is causing the blood to not flow properly through the pelvic. This causes a cramp like state in the pelvic which in turn leads to the other muscles getting weak and unstabile. Further increasing the pelvic cramp.

Working on the surrounding muscles will make the cramp better but as long as the inflammation remains, your problems will. The inflammation is the root problem and what has to be erased.

Q11. In your ebook there is a chapter with static stretching exercises and a question comes to my mind : if it’s a candida infection, why did you provide these exercises and is it possible to get rid of this syndrome just by taking the medication and following a strict antifungal diet ?

My first client cured himself without the physical therapy. So I actually don’t think it’s needed generally. But I still provide it because it helped me a lot before I discovered how to treat my inflammation so I still provide it.

Q12. Some people think that the price you charge on your site is simply exorbitant, what can you say to that?

The coaching has the following guarantee : if you’re not cured or well on your way after 3 months, you will be able to stop the program and payments. So your “risk” is only 3 payments. I also have the Facebook program today which is 35 dollars monthly with the same guarantee.

Carl : Thank you very much.

Emil : My pleasure.

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  1. Pippo

    I don’t see any mention to bloating and pelvic belly here. Did Emil had bloating and ibs symptoms? Did it went away on candida protocol?

    • admin

      Thanks for the question Pippo, Emil will answer it as soon as possible.

  2. Emil

    Hi Pippo. Sorry for the late answer.

    Good question,

    Yes I did. Bloating, IBS, and brainfog are common symptoms that some but not all have. I almost instantly got better when I restricted carbs/sugars.

    It also came back when I introduced foods again but if you introduce foods slowly it will subside with time.



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