Before you sign up

As HFI provides public data and content, there is no need to sign up except if you want to add your case to the “cases directory”.
If you sign up, you are about to open a temporary account to share anonymous data: Your story, medical file, symptoms,… etc. 

So once the process is done, your email address will be deleted from our online database and your account will be closed. To know more about the rules, the publishing process and why we don’t store email addresses online, please click on “Get more information”, just down below.  

More information

Email policy:

As the entire content of the site does not require a login to access it, once your case is published in the “cases directory” your account is immediately closed. This allows us to keep no email addresses in the online database. This procedure is to protect your email address in case of an attack by a hacker. However, Once deleted from the online database, HFI store a copy of your email address in a crypted offline database to avoid the same email address to publish more than once.

Any non validated email will be deleted within 24 hours. If you can’t find the validation link, please check your junk/spam folder.

Any validated but inactive account will be deleted within 72 hours.

The publication policy:

Any new case that is not fully completed will be deleted within 5 days. Be aware that only a completed case will be published.

Before publishing, we check the data. If your publication contains too much slang, a story that is not detailed enough, or too little data, we reserve the right not to publish. In any case you will be notified by email before your account is closed.


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